At the Heart of the Matter,

  • we work with families and individuals toward effective solutions, utilizing both secular theories integrated with Christian Principles.
  • Provide services to our consumer in a positive, warm and encouraging environment.
  • ​Value the denominational preferences and seek the interest of the client while in a Christ like manner

Office Hours and Appointments

  • Clients are seen by appointment only.
  • Appointment times are somewhat flexible to the needs of the client.
  • Appointments can be scheduled by calling 704-869-8383

​​Our Vision

Our focus is to provide a much needed Christian based counseling center in our community that aides in the restoration of families.  We are active in the church environment and strive to build stronger family units and individuals that can live a spriitually healthy, happy and secure life in their daily walk.  Our goal is not to pressure or push scripture on the individual, but to aid and assist in their daily walk by providing solutions to their many concerns.  We are a non-denominational entity that seeks to glorify Christ in all that we do while helping clients seek complimentary goals.

Our Mission